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Weleda Hypercal Cream 36ml

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Weleda Hypercal Cream is a traditional herbal product to help sooth and support skin irritations.
The Hypericum is a natural antiseptic and gives support for the nerve endings.
The Calendula is antiseptic and promotes wound healing and tissue regeneration, while the Lavender oil gives it a pleasant fragrance.

Active Ingredients:

Tincture, % w/w equiv. to fresh flowering herb juice: Calendula officinalis 1%; Hypericum perforatum 1.66%. Infusion, % w/w equiv. to dry plant: Calendula officinalis, flower 1.35%; Hypericum perforatum, flowering herb 1.35%. Oil extract, % w/w equiv. to fresh flower: Hypericum perforatum 3%. Oil extract, % w/w equiv. to dry flower: Calendula officinalis 2.25%. Lavender Oil 1% in a base of natural vegetable oils and beeswax.


Apply to a cleansed wound 2 to 3 times daily, and cover with a dressing if required.

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