Weleda Aurum 12x/Cardiodoron 30ml

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Weleda Aurum / Cardiodoron is a useful product for those doing shift work and it also is beneficial long haul flights.
It is useful for use in broken sleep patterns and strengthens and re-balances the body's circulation and allows it to get back into a rhythm.
The Aurum (gold) assists in treatment of biological rhythm disturbances and co-ordination, where the Cardiodoron helps with the cardiovascular and nervous components.

Active Ingredients:

1g contains: Aurum met. praep. 12x, 500mg; Cardiodoron 500mg; in water/ethanol base.

(1g Cardiodoron contains: Digestion*, equiv. fresh plant juice: Hyoscyamus niger, herb 4mg; Onopordon acanthium, flower 100mg; Primula veris, flower 100mg).


Take 15 drops in a little water three times daily from 2 days before travel and for up to 7 days after travelling.

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