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Vagisil Feminine Powder 100g

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Vagisil Feminine Powder is useful for application to the external vaginal area, and also helps to prevent chafing between the thighs and under the breasts.
It has an odour-blocking formula and prevents odour from reforming and also absorbs wetness.
It has been gynaecologically recommended and is talc free.

Active Ingredients:

Vagisil Feminine Powder contains corn starch, sodium bicarbonate, Magnesium stearate, Mineral oil, Silica, benzethonium chloride, Fragrance, Aloe gel.


Apply Vagisil Feminine Powder daily to external vaginal area after bath or shower.

Sprinkle Vagisil Feminine Powder on panties, pads and shileds for extra protection.

Vagisil Feminine Powder can be used as often as required.

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