New Era Nat Mur. Cell Salts (9). 240 Tablets

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New Era Nat. Mur (Sodium Chloride) is a biochemic remedy to help maintain body water distribution, watery colds, flow of tears and loss of smell and taste.

Nat. Mur, (Sodium Chloride) supports water dispensing into cells and glandular activity. It helps prevents excessive moisture or dryness, constipation, headaches and hayfever or a runny nose.

Biotin (Vitamin H) is a member of the B-complex group of vitamins. It is essential for healthy hair, skin and nails and supports the nervous system and is necessary for cell growth.

Mineral Tissue Salts are suitable for all during pregnancy and breastfeeding, safe for children, elderly, diabetics, lactose intolerant, those on multiple medications and pets.


  • Suitable for Infants, Children and Adults
  • Easily absorbed micro minerals
  • New Era Tissue Salt for all ailments
  • Direct absorption from blood vessels in the mouth to the cells
  • Trusted original methods of homeopathic preparation

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