New Era Combination G Cell Salts. 240 Tablets

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New Era Biochemic Tissue Salt Combination G. is a Biochemic Remedy for Backache, Lumbago and Piles.

Combination G Cell Salts contain: Calc. Fluor./Calc. Phos./Kali. Phos./Nat. Mur.

Biochemic treatment for Backache:

  • Calc. Fluor. Feeling tired along with bearing-down pains in the lower part of the back.

Biochemic treatment for Lumbago:

  • Calc. Fluor. Lumbago following a strain, in alternation with Ferr. Phos.
  • Calc. Phos. Unable to straighten and severe pains on bending. Rheumatic pains in the joints with cold or numb feeling. Symptoms are usually worse from change of weather and the cold.

Biochemic treatment for Piles:

  • Calc. Fluor. Internal and blind piles, sometimes accompanied by pain in the back.
  • Calc. Phos. Intercurrently with Calc. Fluor. in anaemic people.

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