New Era Combination A Cell Salts. 240 Tablets

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New Era Biochemic Tissue Salt Combination A. is a biochemic remedy for Sciatica, Neuralgia, Neuritis.

Sciatica is inflamination of the sciatic nerve which runs down the back of the thigh. Exposure to cold and damp conditions, may cause irritation of the nerve. A slipped vertebral disc is not uncommon pain in the sciatic nerve. Initially pain may be felt behind the hip joint and then extends down the as far as the foot.

Neuralgia is a nerve pain mostly associated mostly with the face and head consisting of intense and shooting pains along the the nerves. The cause is generally due general state of health.

Neuritis is an inflammatory condition of a nerve or nerves localised in an area of the body. The nerve may be irritated by inflamation.

The body is quite often depleted in more than one mineral before the combination can be helpful to regain mineral balance.

Biochemic treatment for sciatica:

  • Ferr. Phos. For general pain and inflammation
  • Kali. Phos. For a nervous disposition and restlessness
  • Mag. Phos. For spasmodic pain

Biochemic treatment for Neuralgia:
  • Ferr. Phos. Acute Neuraligia pain due to inflammatory condition
  • Kali. Phos. For depression, sleeplessness and irritability
  • Mag. Phos. The principal remedy for neuralgic pains

Biochemic treatment for Neuritis:
  • Ferr. Phos. For the inflammatory condition
  • Kali. Phos. To improve nutritional tone of the nerves
  • Mag. Phos. For spasmodic pain

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