Thompsons Junior Immunofort Tablets 90

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Thompson's Junior Immunofort is a multivitamin and mineral especially formulated for children.
This product provides 16 vitamins and 8 minerals, which are complemented by 15 superfood concentrates, which include broccoli, spirulina, carrot, mango with iron zinc and calcium.
The zinc is useful for many body enzyme reactions and is required for many processes including tissue growth and repair and support for the immune system.
Calcium is beneficial for bone development which is required for growing bodies.
The iron assists the blood system as it is required for red blood cell production.
This product also provides antioxidant protection with nutrients such as vitamin E, vitamin C and betacarotene.
This product is a new concept in nutrition for children and offers the benefits of fruit and vegetable intake which provide essential vegetable phytonutrients to work alongside the vitamins and minerals.
These tablets are animal shapes and have delicious natural fruit flavours.

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