Thompsons Immunofort Tablets 60

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Thompsons Immunofort can be used to support the immune system.
It contains vitamins A, C and E, betacarotene, zinc and selenium all of which are anti-oxidants
The formula includes ten amino acids such as Arginine, Ornithine and Lysine. These can help in the production of antibodies by stimulating the thymus gland.
It also contains magnesium, iron, manganese and copper (minerals that can support the function of the immune system) and herbal products such as echinacea and shitake mushrooms (that can contribute to the increase of cellular immunity).
Immunofort may be useful in providing protection against winter ills and enhancing the body's protection against chronic illness.
It could help provide support to the immune system which may help reduce the onset and severity of winter illness.
Immunofort is suitable for people who have a vegetarian diet.

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