Thompsons Echinacea 4000 One a Day Tablets 60

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In each capsule, Thompson’s Echinacea delivers over 3100mg of Echinacea. This means this product actually meets potency levels specified in research. As both Echinacea angustifolia and Echinacea purpurea exhibit a different profile of beneficial compounds, it makes sense to incorporate both types of Echinacea together in a complex. Furthermore, because different parts of the Echinacea plant yield stronger concentrations of actives, it is useful to combine roots and aerial parts of the plant to give a full spectrum of active ingredients. Thompson’s Echinacea Complex 3100 provides both angustifolia and purpurea (root and top).

Indications for use:

• Relief of the symptoms of colds
• May reduce the severity and duration of colds
• May assist in the management of upper respiratory infections
• Enhance/boosts immune system

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