The Honey Collection Witch Hazel 100 ml

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  • The Honey Collection Witch Hazel is a herbal extract with mild astringent effect to help cleanse, nourish and tone the skin.
  • Watch Hazel has antiseptic and haemostatic properties and is mildly inflammatory.
  • Effective for minor skin damage such as insect bites, fissures and cracks.
  • Can be used as a general skin care.
  • Also effective against bruising, localised inflammation, wounds, ulceration, rashes, itchy skin, fragile capillaries, burns, sunburn, bleeding wounds and general skincare.
  • 100% Natural Witch Hazel extract formulated with Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) which acts as a natural preservative and also as a disinfectant for any open irritations.

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