Rosken Skin Repair High Potency Vitamin E Cream 100g

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  • Rosken Skin Repair High Potency Vitamin E Cream is an emollient-rich, deep moisturising and healing cream specially formulated with high potency Vitamin E and enriched with Shea and Cocoa butter.
  • Helps to protect against the visible signs of ageing by assisting in healing dry, dehydrated and damaged skin.
  • The natural antioxidant and nourishing properties of vitamin E, plus the added benefits of shea and cocoa butter help to fight the free radicals, helping to protect cell membrane and improve skin elasticity.
  • Can assist in promoting cell regeneration in scar tissue caused by sunburn and stretch marks, minimizing the appearance of scars and cell damage.
  • Contains 10000IU Vitamin E.

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