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Balance Glutamine 1000 can prove useful for strength athletes and bodybuilders.
It provides Glutamine, an amino acid, which is important for individuals who train or exercise intensely.
Glutamine is the amino acid found in highest concentration in muscle tissue and contributes about 80% of the body's free nitrogen.
It supports new muscle growth since can increase the body's muscle building hormone (Growth Hormone). It also reduces lactic acid build-up (which is a result of metabolising glycogen for energy) which means that glutamine accelerates rate of recovery and increases endurance.
Following exercise (particularly intense workout) muscle glycogen gets depleted and glutamine is useful to help replenish it. Glutamine is able to do this because it is both a carbon and a nitrogen donor, which makes it important for muscle-building.

This amino acid is required by all rapidly dividing cells (such as cells of the immune system and the cells of the intestinal lining).
Glutamine plays an important role in providing protection (especially to the brain) from ammonia toxicity (ammonia gives rise to nitrogen-based free radicals which interferes with oxidative metabolism of neurons resulting in a decrease in ATP production in those cells).
When extra energy is required, glutamine is catabolised in the liver along with other amino acids (glycine, alanine, threonine and serine) to produce glucose.
Glutamine is also essential for the maintenance of gut health and it supports absorption of other nutrients.
Balance Glutamine 1000 can be useful during periods of mental or physical stress since during times like that, the body's requirement for glutamine goes beyond what a normal diet can provide. It can also support energy levels and mood.

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