Neat Feat Foot & Heel Balm 2x 75g Tubes

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Neat Feet Foot & Heal Balm is useful to repair damaged dry skin of the heel or foot.
The cream contains Urea, which helps to restore the natural moisture balance and rehydrates the skin.
Neat Feet contains 3 key ingredients:
Urea is the key ingredient and acts by increasing the absorbtion of moisture into the skin in a process known as hydrotopic solubilization.
The skin on the heel is especially prone to drying and cracking because the natural urea is removed by direct contact and abrasion.
the Urea will soften the skin and accelerate the healing process. It is also keratyolytic and hastens the breakdown and removal of dry scaly skin.
Lanoline is another ingredient mixes and entraps particles of water to make a lanoline/water emulsion which penetrates deeply under the outer layer of skin, improving hydration and reducing skin roughness. Petrolatum forms a barrier to reduce water loss.

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