Natures Way Leg Veins Capsules 60

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This supplement brings together the essential nutrient vitamin C, several herbs and Tru-OPCs to create a formula that has powerful antioxidant properties.

Antioxidants protect the cells of the body from oxidative stress caused by free radicals (which are present in the environmental toxins and pollutants that we encounter everyday).

This product brings together strong antioxidants that provide protection against free radicals so that the effects of ageing and the risk of getting certain diseases can be reduced.

Antioxidants can also strengthen and protect collagen, thereby promoting vascular health and supporting circulation.

Dandelion is a common plant worldwide. The leaves and root of the plant are used medicinally.It is a rich source of vitamin A and also contains vitamin D,vitamin C,B vitamins, and the minerals,Iron,silicon,magnesium,zinc and manganese.

Another ingredient in this preparation,Horse Chestnut, which is native to Asia and Greece.Modern extracts are manufactured from the seeds of the tree which are high in Aescin.Aescin supports venous circulation and also normalises the tone in the venous walls.

Butcher's Broom is another herb in this formulation and is a spiny, evergreen bush native to the mediterranean and Northern Europe.The roots and stems are used medicinally.Butchers broom is high in Steroidal saponins which support the strength and tone of venous system.

Cayenne originates from South America and is utilised world wide as a food spice.The fruit of the cayenne is used medicinally.It's active ingredient, Capsaicin, provides support for the nervous system and the circulation.

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