Malcolm Harker Chest Clear 250ml (previously Lung Elixir)

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This product contains lung herbs such as peppermint, pine and eucalyptus that penetrate into congestive lung tissues to cool, dissolve, heal and tone. Special properties within the Kumarahou and honeysuckle flowers provide help to break-up sticky mucus, while peppermint has carminative and anti-catarrhal properties to assist in the treatment of ills and chills.

Anti-phlegmatic properties make this a great blend for healthy lung function and loosens catarrh, dissolves phlegm helping removal. It also supports normal breathing capacity. Loosens excessive mucus within Lung Cells, expedites removal of excess mucus.

This product is ideal for babies (1 to 6 drops) and is pleasant for children, adults and the elderly.

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