Malcolm Harker Adrenal Tonic 250ml (previously Glandnurse)

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This product cleanses and restores function to the glandular / endocrine system. It may be useful in cases of swollen glands of neck, groin, armpits, low energy, fatigue, depression, general sluggishness . This product also dissolves and removes lymphatic waste matter and helps purify the lymphatic and blood streams.

870 Glandnurse combines specific herbs containing minerals and cleansing, stimulating principles necessary to provide support to the lymphatic system. This product contains 16 herbs and oils, which is supportive to the endocrine lymphatic system.

It stimulates release of toxins, parasites and other foreign matters from the glands and lymphatic nodules within the first day of treatment.

This product also encourages removal of acidmucus, ‘pus’ and heavy metals via perspiration, the lungs, bladder and the bowel.

It is rich in organic iodine to motivate glandular functions through support for thyroid and parathyroid hormonal functions. Influences most glands and organs, including liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas and the intestinal tract, which are all part of or contain part of the endocrine / lymphatic systems, i.e. the immune system.

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