Goodhealth Natural Digestion 60 Casules

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Goodhealth Natural Digestion provides a comprehensive formula of digestive enzymes that can help the digestion process .
The formula includes: Papain - This is a protease (an enzyme that digests proteins) which is extracted from papaya.
Bromelain - This is also a protease which is extracted from pineapple.
Lactase - An enzyme that breaks down lactose, the sugar present in milk and milk products.
Cellulase - This enzyme digests cellulose, the tough substance that makes up the plant cell wall, making the digestion of plant food easier.
Phytase - An enzyme that catalyses the hydrolysis of phytic acid, an organic form of phosphorous (which is indigestible) found in grains and seed oils. Hydrolysis of phytic acid leads to the formation of an inorganic form of phosphorous which is usable in the body.

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