Goodhealth Mussel 6000 Capsules 300

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Good Health Mussel 6000 is a high quality product to help maintain joint support.

This product naturally supports joint mobility, lubrication, cushioning, cartilage repair and general joint comfort.

Mussel 6000 contains New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel using GlycOmegaâ„¢Plus.

This product is derived from the New Zealand native shellfish species Perna canaliculus which goes through a unique process to ensure GlycOmegaâ„¢Plus a proprietary blend of cold opened Green Mussels provide valuable nutrients to support healthy joints and flexibility.


  • Supporting joint comfort, mobility and lubrication
  • Supporting joint cartilage repair, cushioning and flexibility
  • Maintenance of healthy joints
  • Active people, sports people

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