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Key Indications:
Poor day / night vision
Light sensitivity
Retinopathy (diabetic)
Age-related Macular degeneration

Key Benefits:
Improved night vision
Glaucoma support and to reduce further development
Antioxidant protection against free radicals and eye degeneration
High strength eye care formula - two key ingredients to help with a wide range of eye ailments
High dose Bilberry - 25mg per capsule
Standardised extract of Bilberry - providing guaranteed levels of active anthocyanosides 62.5mg
High strength antioxidant - helps protect from free radical damage and maintain optimal vision and eye function

Bilberry (Also known as blueberry): Bilberry has been extensively studied and used for a wide range of opthalmological conditions including: - Poor day and night vision (improves visual acuity helping eyes adjust to light changes); Gluaucoma and Diabetic retinopathy (reduces bleeding and scarring of the retina that is common in diabetes and macular degeneration). Bilberry contains the active constituent anthocyanosides which help strengthen eye capillaries and has a strong affinity for the pigmented epithelium of the retina which composes the optical portion of the retina. This can reinforce the collagen structures of the retina and prevent free radical damage.

Lutein: Lutein is a potent antioxidant that scavenges free radicals. Lutein may protect the Retina of the Eye from the toxic effects of exposure of the Retina to Sunlight.

The antioxidant benefit of Lutein may help filter out damaging ultra violet light protecting against age-related macular degeneration and cataract formation. This is because Lutein concentrates in the macula and retina to act like filters preventing photo chemical damage and oxidation which leads to age related maculation degeneration and cataracts and prevents deterioration of such eye conditions.

It is a carotenoid extracted from Marigold flowers and found in dark green leafy vegetables in our diet. It is an important nutrient for good vision and healthy eye function and may improve visual function, especially the macular, retina and lens of the eye. Low levels of lutein have been associated with glaucoma. The Lutein content of the eyes declines as we age.

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