Go Zinc Complex Vegecaps 60

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Go Zinc Complex provides zinc, an essential mineral for the function of immune and reproductive system and for the maintenance of general well-being.
The formulation ensures maximal bioavailability and absorption by providing 3 forms of zinc.
Vitamin C is included for its role in supporting the immune system and aiding collagen production
Selenium is part of the formula because it has antioxidant activity (scavenges free radicals, thereby protecting the body from oxidative stress).
The formulation also includes manganese, an essential trace element that helps in the maintenance of healthy glucose tolerance as well as healthy bone and skin cartilage formation.
The product also contains vitamin B6 which is needed to make and take apart amino acids and is involved in the production of the hormones melatonin, serotonin and dopamine.
Vitamin C, Selenium, Managenese and Vitamin B6 can promote optimal zinc absorption.
Complimentary products to Go Zinc Complex are Go Multi Everyday, Go Flaxseed Oil, Go Prostate Protect and Go Fish Oil.

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