Clinicians Fibro M Support Capsules 180

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Clinicians Fibro M Support is a research-based nutritional formula designed to support the body's response to overall tiredness and joint stiffness and related disruptions in cell metabolism.

Low energy and tiredness may mean you could be deficient in magnesium and in serotonin, the "feel good" neurotransmitter. Low thyroid function has also been implicated.

Tired joints and stiffness may also be the result of defective cell energy production and inability of cells to remove toxic waste build-up such as lactic acid.

Addressing these deficiencies may greatly assist the quality of life for these individuals.

Some natural ways to manage this include:

Exercise: low impact aerobic exercise including 20 minutes of walking, swimming or cycling daily is recommended.

Diet: Restriction or elimination of refined sugars and increased intake of foods naturally high in magnesium (legumes, seeds, nuts, wholegrains and green leafy vegetables).

Clinicians Fibro M Support is a research-based formula designed to support cell energy production and cell metabolism.

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