Artemis Kids Chest Relief Night 100ml

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  • Artemis Kids Chest Relief Night is a gentle formula supporting kids' breathing and helps clear mucus.
  • Helps to clear the chest and airways of mucus and supports relaxed breathing at night.
  • Helps to clear the breathing passage by supporting the thinning of mucus.
  • A good night's sleep promotes faster recovery for kids.
  • Contains natural ingredients Plantain and Mullein that helps soothe mucous membranes in the nose, throat and lungs.
  • Contains Californian Poppy that helps to relax and ease restlessness and stress, particularly experienced when unwell.
  • Contains Thyme that supports immune system functions and eases a dry, tickly throat and blocked nose.
  • Gentle formula with no added honey suitable for kids and babies.
  • Great tasting formula.
  • Use alongside Artemis Kids Chest Relief Day for 24-hour support.

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