Goodhealth Uricleanse Capsules 50

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Goodhealth Uricleanse can help support the urinary system and the bladder..
This supplement brings together the therapeutic benefits of golden seal, buchu, bearberry, ProOlive leaf, gotu kola and cranberry, along with vitamins, minerals to help soothe, strengthen and tone the lining of the bladder.

Active Ingredients:

Each Uri-cleanse capsule contains:
Bearberry leaves 200mg, Buchu leaves 300mg, Cranberry berries 10000mg, Golden seal root 50mg, Gotu kola leaves 100mg, Olive leaf 100mg, Vitamin C 50mg, Zinc gluconate 39mg.


Maintenance: Adults- Take 1 Uri-cleanse capsule daily to reduce risk of Cystitis.

Acute: Adults-Take 1 Uri-cleanse capsule three times daily with food.


See your Doctor if:
Symptoms last longer than 24 hours (Infection can spread to kidneys).

There is vomiting, fever or blood in the urine.

You are pregnant.

There are repeated attacks.

Attacks have occured in a Child or Man.

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