Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Deodorant 60ml

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This deodorant utilises the bactericidal properties of Tea Tree Oil to kill the bacteria which grow in perspiration on the skin.
Ordinary antiperspirants use aluminium or zirconium salts to reduce the pore openings. These block the openings and prevents perspiration from escaping. Furthermore, a more than casual relationship between aluminium and Alzheimer's disease is being suspected.

This special deodorant is not based on a possibly harmful astringent which artificially inhibits the normal physiological function of perspiring. It is based on Tea Tree Oil which eliminates putrification bacteria, preventing the bad odour which results from bacterial breakdown of body moisture.

Thursday Plantation deodorant will not stop the healthy body function of perspiration, but will stop perspiration odour and create a day-long freshness as a base for customer's own choice of perfume.
- Contains Tea Tree Oil - Kills odour causing bacteria
- Aluminium Free - Safer for long term daily use
- Free of Synthetic Preservatives - Low Skin Irritancy
- Contains Herbal Extracts - Soothing effect on skin

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