Weleda Hypericum Aurum Comp. Drops 30ml

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Weleda Hypericum Aurum Comp is a homoeopathic complex useful to maintain conditions that affect the nerves.
The potentised gold helps to strengthen the healing ability of the body and the hypericum aids nerve conditions.

Active Ingredients:

Weleda Hypericum Aurum Comp contains equal parts of: Aurum met. praep. 10x; Ferrum sidereum 10x; Hypericum, herb 6x; in water/ethanol base.


Children under 7 years: take 5 drops.
Children 7-14 years: Take 10 drops
Adults: Take 15 drops before meals three times daily for 6 weeks and then stop for 2 weeks and repeat if required.
Acute cases can use every 2 hours for 6 doses, then revert to normal dose.

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