Weleda Sleep & Relax Drops 100ml

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Weleda Sleep & Relax Drops is useful to help combat conditions related to stress and insomnia.
This remedy is useful to promote relaxation at night after a stressful day and can also be used throughout the day for stressful situations.
The Avena sativa helps with nerves and concentration, while the Valerian calms nervous and promotes relaxation
The Coffea tosta soothes nerves and, while the Hops promotes relaxation

Active Ingredients:

Each 1g (approx. 15 drops) of Weleda Relax & Sleep Drops contains: Tincture, equiv. to fresh plant juice: Avena sativa, herb 125mg; Humulus lupulus, fruit 4mg; Passiflora incarnata, herb 25mg. Decoction, equiv. fresh root juice: Valeriana officinalis 171mg. Homoeopathic potency of: Coffea tosta, decoct. 60x, 150mg; in water/ethanol base.


Children up to 7-12 years: Take 5 drops
Adults: Take 15 drops before dinner and at bedtime for insomnia or three times daily 15 minutes before food for nervous tension.
In acute cases use every 2 hours for 6 doses.


Shake the bottle before use.

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