Vita Fit Multi Amino Acids - 60 capsules

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This product contains essential and non-essential amino acids that are important for metabolism, including maintenance of muscles and tissues.

It provides support for energy production and mental clarity during periods of stress and fatigue.

Active Ingredients:

Each Multi Amino Acids capsule contains:
L-Histidine 35mg, L- isoleucine 45mg, L-leucine 45mg, L-methionine 60mg, L-threonine 35mg, L-tryptophan 15mg, L-aspartic acid 55mg, L-ornithine 30mg, L-lysine 35mg, L-valine 35mg, L-tyrosine 30mg, L-arginine 35mg, L-glutamine 35mg, L-cysteine 35mg, L-ionosine 35mg.


Adults- Take 1 to 3 Multi Amino Acids capsules daily 20 minutes before food.

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