Vita-Fit Guarana Lift Capsules 60

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This product is a synergistic blend of nutrients and herbs known to enhance energy levels and mental alertness.

Active Ingredients:

Each Guarana Lift capsules contains:
Guarana 500mg, Ginkgo biloba 1000mg, Panax ginseng 500mg, Gotu kola 250mg, L-Tyrosine 130mg, L-glutamine 100mg, Niacin 5mg, Cayenne 10mg, Ginger 25mg, Chromium 50mcg.


Adults- 1 to 2 Guarana Lift capsules when extra energy is required. May be repeated once daily.


A niacin flush may occur.

Guarana Lift is not to be taken by Pregnant or Lactating women or by anyone on anti depressant medication.

Take Guarana Lift well away from protein.

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