Vita Fit Adrenal Support Formula - 50 capsules

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This formula contains adrenal Glandular extract and selected nutrients involved in improving Adrenal gland function.

Active Ingredients:

Each 2 Adrenal Support Formula capsules contain:
Adrenal glandular 150mg, Calcium pantothenate 100mg, pyridoxine 50mg, magnesium aspartate 50mg, Potassium citrate 50mg, L-Tyrosine 100mg, Licorice root 100mg, panax ginseng 100mg, Cayenne 10mg.


Take 2-4 Adrenal Support Formula capsules daily. take with stress B and Vitamin C for maximum effect.


Do not take Adrenal Support Formula with MAO inhibitor antidepressants or if you are hypertensive.

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