Stevia Powder Spoonable 80g

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Steviosides are an incredibly sweet extract from stevia leaves. Stevita Stevia products provide three convenient usage forms - liquid, spoonable and sachet powder. Usage will be determined by the taste of sweetness required by the individual user. It should be pointed out to new users than only minuscule amounts are required to sweeten drinks, sweet desserts etc. When too much is used there is a taste of liquorice and bitterness.
Usage: Stevita Stevia is an ideal, healthy alternative to sugars and artificial sweeteners. Especially useful for diabetics and persons conscious of their weight and well being. Stevia is suitable for use with most types of recipes (not suitable where butter and sugar require creaming) including soups, baking, desserts and beverages. Recipe books are available.

Active Ingredients:

Stevia extract, erythritol (very low-caloric natural vegetable sugar alcohol).


Minute amounts of the powder as required.

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