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Solgar Omnium Tablets 30

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Code: 902869
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Solgar Omnium Tablets is made with an advanced formula that provides a range of essential vitamins and minerals (for example, vitamins B12, C, D and E, calcium, magnesium, zinc).

Active Ingredients:

2 tablets provide: vitamin C300mg, vitamin E 201mg, choline 75mg, magnesium 32mg, calcium 64mg,pantothenic acid 80mg, betacarotene 5mg, inositol 75mg, vitamin B650mg, niacin 60mg, zinc 10mg, n-acetyl cysteine 50mg, iron 9mg,broccoli pwd 50mg, citrus bioflavinoids 13mg, phosphatidylserine 10mg,soybean 50mg, turmeric extr 50mg, thiamine 30mg, riboflavin 36mg,D-limonene 25mg, boron 0.5mg, copper 1500ug, selenium 70ug, manganese2mg, vitamin B12 100ug, biotin 100ug, coenzyme Q10 10mg,alpha lipoicacid 10mg, quercetin 10mg, polyphenol extr (red wine) 10mg, folic acid400ug, vitamin D 5ug, iodine 150ug, vitamin K 20ug, chromium 100ug.


Adults: take 2 daily with a meal.

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