Snoreeze Throat Spray 23.5ml

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Snoreeze Throat Spray targets the main cause of snoring and is ideal if you tend to snore more when lying on your back.

Snoreeze Throat Spray contains a unique blend of active ingredients, which coat the tissues at the back of the throat throughout the night to reduce the vibrations of the soft tissues that cause snoring.

The formula has a unique time-release effect, ensuring that the ingredients remain active and help stop snoring throughout the night.

Active Ingredients:

aqua (water)

glycerin (vegetal origin, GMO-free source)

sorbitan stearate (vegetal origin)

polysorbate 60 (from vegetable oils)

cellulose (vegetal origin)

peppermint oil (from peppermint plant)

tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E)

potassium sorbate

sodium benzoate

citric acid (from sucrose)

xanthan gum (from sugar and molasses)

hyaluronic acid (from wheat and glucose)

guar gum (vegetal origin)

Snoreeze Throat Spray is suitable for vegetarians, and does not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

Snoreeze Throat Spray is medically certified and has been produced to pharmaceutical standards.


Shake well and move swivel arm up .

Each night:

Spray three times at back of throat, wait 20 seconds and then swallow.

Do not eat or drink after use.


There is no guaranteed cure for snoring. However, Snoreeze can relieve the symptoms of snoring to help provide a peaceful night's sleep.

Snoreeze is not a cure for sleep apnoea (a related respiratory medical condition). You may be suffering from sleep apnoea if you stop breathing during the night, wake up tired and unrefreshed or fall asleep easily during the day. If you experience any of these symptoms we recommend that you consult your doctor.

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