Scar Heal Caesarian Section Scar Healing Kit

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Use scar Fx and Scar Esthetique to help optimise your skin after a C-Section.
his product is clinically proven to reduce scars.
The Scar Fx helps to neutralise the scar colour and will help to flatten scars. It is a very pliable and soft adhering silicone which is easily applied to body contours.
It should be worn for 8 to 12 hours daily over the scar.
The Scar esthetique also enhances scar treatment and should be applied when Scar Fx is not being worn.
The C-Section kit contains: 1 x ScarFx 3.75cm x 22.5cm and 1 X Scar esthitique 60ml

Active Ingredients:

Kit Includes: 1 X scar Fx 3.75cm x 22.5cm
1x Scar Esthetique 60ml


Apply the Scar FX for 8 to 12 hours then apply the Scar Esthetique.

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