Sanderson Superior Enriched Colostrum Capsules 120

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Colostrum supplies immune and growth factors along with a perfect combination of vitamins and minerals to insure the health, vitality, and growth of the newborn.

Colostrum is the pre-milk substance produced from all mammals at birth. Rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.

Supplementation of colostrum enhances the efficiency of amino acid and carbohydrate fuel uptake by the intestine, making more nutrients are made available for muscle cells and other vital tissues and organs.

Active Ingredients:

Proprietary ingredient derived from bovine colostrum and containing not less than 12% Proline-rich Polypeptides (PRPs); Powder Providing not less than 60mg Proline-rich Polypeptides per capsule. 500mg

Each capsule also supplies not les than 15% immunoglobulins; not less than 1% Lactoferrin plus naturally occurring growth factors, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


1-2 capsules per day or as professionally prescribed.

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