Sanderson Premium Co-Enzyme Q10 160mg Capsules 60

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Co-Enzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring compound in our bodies, resembling the antioxidant vitamin E in its action and potentially more powerful.

CoQ10 plays a major role in heart health, increasing energy levels, enhancing the immune system, supporting healthy gums, providing antioxidant activity.

Contains the highly bio-available Q-Sorb form of CoQ10.

It also supports heart muscle health and may help maintain healthy blood pressure.

Assists in the general wellbeing.

Active Ingredients:

Qsorb Co-Enzyme Q10 160mg

FREE from artificial colouring, preservatives, sweeteners & flavours, yeast, wheat, milk, fish, gluten, lactose, sugar, sodium


Take 1-2 capsules daily or as professionally directed.


CoQ10 should not be taken with Warfarin without the advice of a medical professional.

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