Rescue Remedy Sleep Oral Spray 20ml

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Rescue Remedy Sleep is a unique combination of rescue remedy and white chestnut, which provides an effective natural aid to assist sleep.
It helps to calm a restless mind and remove unwanted thoughts to allow you to relax and sleep
It contains:
White Chestnut: To help ease restless mind.
Star of Bethlehem: For trauma and shock.
Clematis: For the tendency to “pass out”, and unconsciousness, being ‘far away’ and not present mentally.
Cherry Plum: Fear of mind giving way, verge of breakdown, anger.
Impatiens: For irritability, tension and fidgety.
Rock Rose: For frozen terror and panic.

Active Ingredients:

Rescue Remedy Sleep contains a 5 x dilution of flower extracts of rock rose, impatiens, clematis, star of bethlehem, cherry plum and white chestnut in a grape alcohol solution.


Activate the spray pump before use and spray 2 squirts of Rescue Remedy Sleep into the mouth on top of the tongue.


Do not spray Rescue Remedy Sleep into the throat or eyes.

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