Radiance Hoodia PowerSlim 60

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This product provides 250mg of the 100% natural appetite curbing herb Hoodia gordonii for optimum strength appetite control. The addition of 250mg Glucomannan, a 100% natural dietary fibre, helps by providing a feeling of fullness and delaying stomach emptying.

Hoodia gordonii , a desert plant native to South Africa, has been used by the San tribesmen for centuries to help stave off hunger and thirst when out on long distance hunting trips. Hoodia works by supporting healthy energy levels in the appetite centre in the brain - the hypothalamus, helping take care of cravings and feelings of hunger.

This formula contains 100% legal and CITES certified, genuine South African Hoodia Gordonii.

Usage: Appetite management supplement to assist with a weight control program that includes healthy calorie conscious meals and regular exercise.

Active Ingredients:

Hoodia (Hoodia gordonii) 250mg (20:1 concentrate equivalent to 5,000mg whole dried plant), Glucomannan 250mg


For the first 15 days, take two capsules daily, then reduce to one capsule daily. Best taken with a full glass of water. Best taken 30 minutes before lunch and/or evening meal.


Not recommended for people with anorexia or related disorders. Not recommended in pregnancy or lactation. Always ensure a sensible healthy diet and ingestion of plenty of water is maintained during a weight management program.

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