Radiance DigestEnzyme Chewable Tablets 60

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Poor digestion is such a common problem these days. Most people reach for the quick-fix acid buffers, but in actual fact these are often the worst thing to take as they further suppress effective digestion. The papaya and other enzymes in this Radiance DigestEzyme have been traditionally used to aid healthy digestion of various food groups and therefore help maintain gastrointestinal comfort after meals. Usage: A pleasant, mild mint digestive support formula for people who experience minor discomfort after meals. A great alternative to Quick-Ez and other similar antacids.

Active Ingredients:

A 100mg proprietary blend of papaya melon, papain, protease, alpha-amylase, bromelain, lipase and cellulase prppermint,chlorophyll,peppermint oil.


Chew 1-3 tablets as required after meals.

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