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Radiance D-Flam Vegecaps 60

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D-Flam's unique and synergistic formula of herbal extracts blends the best in natural anti-oxidant and immune support actions together in one capsule for fast and effective support of normal healthy responses to tissue stress.

The 1985 Dietary Supplement Regulations prevent us from telling you in plain English what this terrific synergistic formula can do for you. What we can say is that if an area of tissue is in "discomfort" D-Flam may support your body's natural immune responses and help maintain normal tissue health.

Usage: For support of the body's healthy response to situations characterised by tissue stress or discomfort.

Active Ingredients:

125mg holy basil extract, turmeric extract, 50mg ginger extract, 50mg green tea extract, 50mg boswellin, 50mg bromelain, 25mg baikal skullcap extract, 5mg resveratrol, 2.5mg berberine


Adult dose: 2 Capsules daily before meals.


Not recommended in pregnancy or lactation. Always ask your product supplier or health professional if there are any specific precautions regarding your use of this or any supplement.

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