Trilogy Eye Contour Cream 20ml

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Trilogy Eye Contour Cream brings together gentle proteins extracted from plants and powerful botanicals on a base of soothing aloe vera gel/cream to provide an effective treatment for dehydrated skin, puffiness, signs of ageing and fine lines.
This cream provides evening primrose, avocado and eyebrightm (which is perfect for rejuvenating tired eyes), Rosehip, carrot and vitamin E (to give you smoother, firmer skin around the contours of your eyes) and jojoba and almond (to soften and condition the skin).

This product DOES NOT CONTAIN:
Mineral oils
Paraben preservatives
Synthetic colours or fragrance
Residues of pesticides or herbicides
Genetically engineered ingredients
Propylene glycol
D.E.A (diethanolamine) or T.E.A (triethanolamine)
PEG (Polyethylene glycol)
Harsh detergents or surfactants.

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