Trilogy Botanical Body Wash 500ml

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Trilogy Botanical Body Wash combines coconut-derived, SLS-free cleansing agents with essential oils and natural botanical extracts in a blend that is not only great for skin health, but also aromatherapeutic, which makes it useful for relaxing and reviving your mind.
The product contains kawa kawa extract (from a pepper tree that is native to New Zealand) which stimulates and rejuvenates the skin, Indiant alma extract which revives skin cells and French lavender to restore skin cells and aid in the healing process.
The body wash also includes chamomile for its skin calming properties, burdock for its purifying actions and oils from frankincense resin and rose geranium leaf extract for their aromatherapeutic effects.

This product DOES NOT CONTAIN:
Mineral oils
Paraben preservatives
Synthetic colours
Residues of pesticides or herbicides
Genetically engineered ingredients
Propylene glycol
D.E.A (diethanolamine) or T.E.A (triethanolamine)
PEG (Polyethylene glycol)
Harsh detergents or surfactants.

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