Nutralife Maxi Dophilus 60 Capsules

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A high potency probiotic with 25 billion living organisms per capsule, providing two key strains of beneficial gut bacteria.

Beneficial for
Maintaining healthy digestion and general well-being
Maintaining healthy gut flora
Promoting the growth of beneficial, friendly intestinal bacteria
support for the skin
support for the digestive tract
Supporting a healthy immune system
Combating the negative effects of antibiotics
Supporting energy levels
Key and unique features
High potency, 25 billion, acid-resistant probiotic supplement to assist in restoring friendly intestinal bacteria, especially after antibiotic and/or oral contraceptive pill use
Provides L. acidophilus and B. animalis - acid-resistant strains of bacteria that produce mainly lactic acid, which help to suppress or kill harmful gut bacteria
This special combination of probiotics have an insoluble polysaccharide matrix that protects them from the high acid area in the stomach, ensuring that the live bacteria actually reach their target areas in the small and large intestines and colonise effectively
Helps to reduce digestive discomfort and promote healthy digestion
Helps maintain a normal healthy immune system

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