Nutralife Anti-Stress Capsules 50

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Beneficial for:
Protects against nervous tension and stress
Supports healthy mood
Protects against burn-out and symptoms associated with a busy lifestyle
Key and unique features

Provides high levels of the 2 key active ingredients Hypericin 2.25mg + Hyperiforin 18mg

Research conducted over 8 weeks, at levels of Hypericin 2.1mg- showed patients with moderate depression had a statistically significant improvement in symptoms - low mood, loss of interest & energy, disturbed sleep were all reduced. (Philipp M, Kohnene R, Hiller KO 1999)

Plus Ginkgo biloba to help maintain blood flow to the brain and assist with anxiety, fatigue and memory

Mood benefits of the amino acid Tyrosine
Magnesium to help manage nervous tension
May help relieve irritability and improve mood One-a-day formula

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