Natures Sunshine Bowel Build Capsules 120

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Natures sunshine bowel build provides a combination of digestive enzymes along with vitamins and minerals to enhance the digestive process and provide necessary dietary fibre to help condition the intestine.
It supports proper digestion and intestinal function, and helps to strengthen the colon tissue.
It helps to promote the regular elimination of waste from the colon, and provides digestive enzymes to support the digestive process.
Pancreatin is a combination of pancreatic juices which aids digestion.
pepsin also aids digestion of dietary proteins.
Bile salts are also added to improve fat digestion.
Psyllium, algin and apple pectin are all good sources of soluble fibre, increase the intestinal bulk making movement of digested food through the intestine easier.
Cascara sagrada stimulates the intestines into peristaltic movement and it also increases the water content of the bowel.

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