Malcolm Harker General Tonic 500ml

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This tonic is a potent, mineral-rich combination of more than 25 medicinal herbs and botanical ingredients. It is a constitutional tonic for blood, lymph cells and skin which contains curatory plant elements, mineral and vitamins for cleansing and toning. This product provides help to raise the energy level all cells of the body and glands, organs and tissues.

This elixir also supports healthy blood and lymphatic fluid detoxification, reaching every cell, gland and organ in the Human organism. Recommended for skin problems.

It is a classical tonic for those under stress (domestic, business, corporate). Daily Purification / Energy Tonic – relieves fatigue, stress.

It provides help to dissolve out acid-mucus from stomach, intestinal tract, protein globules from the blood, & other poisonous wastes and accumulated toxins from the cells and lymphatic fluid. The elixir works through the digestive system, liver, spleen and pancreas to help cleanse and rejuvenate the bloodstream.

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