Dr Hauschka Sage Purifying Bath Essence 100ml

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This Sage essence comprises carefully selected essential oils,which aid the provision of warmth for the body, making it ideal for use in the winter months.

This product also refreshes and deodorises the body for use after sports and other strenuous activities.

This product is also useful to use in foot bathsto relieve tired and swollen feet. When used regularly, this product provides support for sweaty feet and it will also pamper the skin, making it soft and smooth.

The use of this product in a sponge bath is useful for treatment of blemished skin.

This essence helps to revive the senses and refresh the body, and also may be useful to clarify and soothe skin prone to blemishes.

Sage oil provides warmth for the skin and has a calming action and is helpful to oily, blemished skin.

Jojoba oil pampers and moisturises the skin.

Sulfated castor oil helps water dispersion of the oil.

This product is ideal for tub, rinse basin or footbath.

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