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Clinicians Multiflora Digest is supportive for a healthy gastointestinal function including the stomach and the bowel. It is a great product to offer immune support and for maintenance of healthy gut flora.
It can be useful for those who are convalescing and required additional immune support, and may also benefit those who have a poor diet or are under stress.
This product contains two highly researched probiotics in Lactobacillus rhamnosusGG and Bifidobacterium animalisBb-12.
These probiotics are designed to survive the stomach acid and to populate the small intestine and bowel where they are fully utilised. This product can be taken with antibiotics as long as it is taken at least 3 hours away from the antibiotics, or last thing at night.

The image shown is of 60 caps. However the product sold on this page has 30 capules.

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