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Clinicians AllerStop Chewable Tablets is a newly developed natural formula that provides rapid support for the body’s anti-allergic response to indoor and outdoor allergens such as moulds, dust mites, pet dander, grasses and pollens.

Clinicians AllerStop Chewable Tablets contains specialised proteins isolated from Quail eggs, and was originally discovered in the 1970’s in France, by allergist Dr G. Bruttmann who found a powdered quail egg formula that supported the body’s response to environmental irritants.

Environmental irritants contain protease enzymes that when inhaled irritate the lining of the nasal passages. AllerStop contains bioactive proteins that act by blocking irritants before they affect the nasal passage.

Clinical trials have indicated that this product is very fast acting and provides support within 15 minutes of taking

Being a chewable tablet,it is very easily taken by young or old.

This product not only acts very quickly, but can be taken long term and is a non-drowsy product.

This product may provide relief from the effects of:

  • Indoor and outdoor allergens.
  • Mould and pollens.
  • Pet allergies and dust mites.

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