Balance Muscle 2Go Toffee 12 Bars

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Balance Muscle 2Go bars are a great-tasting source of nutrients that can provide support for muscle development and recovery.

The formula contains:
Calcium caseinate (a skim milk-derived protein that can provide the body with a sustained release of amino acid).
Whey protein isolate (a milk-derived and highly bioavailable source of protein that contains a high concentration of BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) which are supportive for muscle growth and recovery).
Soy protein isolate (which is a great source of low-fat, cholesterol-free protein).
Creatine (this compound plays a role in energy metabolism in muscle cells by helping to regenerate ATP (body's energy source), thereby providing instant but sustained release of energy).
Glutamine (which is an essential amino acid that supports muscle maintenance and growth, increases endurance and rate of recovery (by reducing lactic acid build-up) and helps maintain positive nitrogen balance).

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