Balance Matrix 7 Milkshake Powder Vanilla Ice 1.28kg

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Balance Matrix Milkshake Powder Vanilla Ice 1.28kg provides a great-tasting protein formula that can be useful for carbohydrate and weight conscious individuals, weight-trainers and bodybuilders and Tri- and team sports competitors. It provides an ideal supplement to support muscle growth and recovery.
This product contains a matrix of 7 different protein sources (such as whey and caseinates) which provides a sustained release of readily absorbable amino acids.
Digestive enzymes are included for optimal protein digestion.
This product can also help meet daily nutritional requirements since it provides selected minerals and vitamins.
Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) along with other amino acids are also included to further support muscle growth.
This product provides an uncompromised, rich and creamy taste experience.

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